At first I was really jealous of these people and then I realized that, given who they are, they are actually extremely boring.

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If you’re wondering when the AV Club would become somewhat ridiculous, I think it might be the day that every movie got basically the same grade.

C+/B- : The AV Club ; 6.8 : Pitchfork

"The Coffee Song," Sam Cooke

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  • Said the Gramophone is always worth reading - their Best Songs of 2010 is a great resource, although I’m not sure if it’s still available for download - but this very touching tribute to Canadian NDP politico Jack Layton, who passed away this morning at the age of 61, is fantastic.
  • The London Review of Books, for some reason, ran a short blog post this morning on the New York Office of Unclaimed Funds website. Check it out, if not for the piece by Deborah Friedell, then for the possibility that someone owes you money.
  • The Vulture does a neat little post-weekend Box Office roundup, called Your Box Office Explained, which is necessary reading if you work in film and extremely enjoyable if you don’t.
  • An excellent profile of Theodora Keogh, written by her friend Joan Schenkar, author of the Patricia Highsmith biography The Talented Miss Highsmith. Schenkar’s remembrance will make you want to read both Keogh’s works and Schenkar’s bio. It also dangles the tantalizing image of Schenkar’s enormous cassette library. Who knows what wonders it might hold?
  • I don’t normally read Politico because it basically is a website for soccer hooligans, but this “Where are They Now?” piece on the inadvertent celebrities of the 2008 election is very enjoyable.
  • What would Jennifer Egan or James Dyson do if they were President? I personally couldn’t care less but if you do The New York Times has you covered.


I’m watching Louis Malle’s Black Moon and the first three minutes is just a long shot of a badger sniffing around on a road before being hit by a car.

"Do the Du," A Certain Ratio

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  • I didn’t used to read The Millions because it sounds like a website for soccer hooligans, no judgement, but it isn’t and this article by Steve Himmer is excellent.
  • Haha Hunter S. Thompson was awesome.
  • Ugh grossssssss.
  • Remember when I told you to follow the Los Angeles Review of Books, and you didn’t listen? Well you would have missed this amazing essay on Rainer Werner Fassbinder by his editor, Juliane Maria Lorenz, and then where would you be?
  • Funny thing - I used to be in a band and we wrote a song about Rainer Werner Fassbinder, consisting of just us yelling his name. Listen to it here. Some people thought we were yelling racial slurs! The band was called Bodies.


  • Someone posted the entire 35 minute The Making of THE SHINING documentary, shot by Kubrick’s then-17 year old daughter Vivian, on Vimeo. Thanks!
  • This NPR piece - on why spilled coffee dries in “rings” - reminded me of this ReadyMade project for a coffee-ringed coffee table. You may want to print that out, however, as the recently-defunct ReadyMade is apparently going offline fairly soon.
  • I was wrong the other day when I said that Interview was 70% Taylor Momsen interviewing her purse. It’s actually Anne Hathaway getting interviewed by a horrible bag.*

*This might actually be the bitchiest joke I’ve ever MADE.

    "Sweet Talk, Sweet Talk" by The New Pornographers

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